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The Must Know Truth – Weight loss VS Stored body fat loss

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Losing weight, and the loss of stored body fat are VERY different!!! Find out why with Grind Hard Fitness

Weight loss vs Stored body fat loss

Many people are confused at the difference between weight loss and fat loss and how they are NOT the same thing. It is vital that anyone looking to alter their body composition understands this.
Each human body has a set amount of calories which is needed to maintain that persons bodily requirements based on size, needs and lifestyle.
So, heres an example. If someone trains 10 times per week there is a bigger demand for fuel to cater for all the additional activity, as opposed to someone who trains twice per week. So this person will need to eat more just to achieve body maintenance.
The amount of calories needed for maintenance is called your TDEE (total daily energy expenditure) if you eat more than this you gain weight, less, you lose weight. So its kind of like the balance point on a set of scales.
Now, to break this down further. The way you balance your protein, carbs and fats within the number of calories you eat influences your body composition.
Body composition is the percentage of water, bone, lean muscle, fat and body organs.
So for most, the aim is to lose body fat and gain lean muscle tissue. Resulting in a stronger, healthier, leaner body.

Many people are signing up to programmes which only focus on the number on the scales, meaning that people will be actually being rewarded by the program for losing muscle tissue and increasing stored body fat, as long as the number on the scales is lower. These programs have “free foods,” which the client can consume as much as they want as it is claimed its not unhealthy!! Some of these foods include things such as microwave rice (massively dense in calories and carbs) and diet or zero pop (has serious fat storing properties and is a chemical cocktail which teaches the body to store fat, for more info check out my junk foods in disguise article)

To understand further, read on,

We’ll use 2 people in one of these weight loss programs as an example.
“Person A” could lose 4lbs of body weight. Some water, a small amount of fat and some muscle wastage preis cialis 20 mg. Leaving them weaker, dehydrated and maybe a little bit smaller, initially this will work but soon the amount of stored body fat will be barely effected in a positive way. If this continues what will happen is that the body will consider stored body fat more valuable than muscle because fat is the most efficient form of fuel. Technically due to under eating the body will be in a state of starvation and will adapt to survive. The body could eat muscle tissue for a long period of time before you would not be able to move due to muscle wastage, therefore, the body considers muscle tissue much more expandable than stored fat when in a state of under eating.
“Person B” could get on the scales and have gained 2lb in weight, which he/she would receive criticism from the program instructor, yet they have had the correct calories, macro split and training program and has actually gained 4lb in lean muscle tissue which has resulted in 2lb of fat loss. This has left them with less stored body fat, increased performance, more lean tissue, an increased metabolism (bodies ability to process fuel) and a positive change in measurements.
Guys please do not create an emotional relationship with the number on the scales. Body weight alone can not help you track a goal with accuracy. Any program which uses only weight as a measurement of achievement is not worth it and is likely exploiting peoples lack of knowledge or lacks knowledge its self about how a person that trains body works. Hope this helps people understand their bodies and gets you closer to your goals.
Research your path to success,
Achieve your goals,
Stay healthy,
And as always…

Keep up the Grind guys,


Coach Chris McClarence

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