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So, if you saw my rant video you’ll know the topic,

Lets get this straight, there is a huge different between weight loss and fat loss. Losing weight is a stupid goal to have. If I chopped an arm off i’d be lighter on the scales!!

Most peoples goal is fat loss – to lose excess stored body fat in order to have a leaner physique. The thing is a lot of the general public believe these two are the same thing. THEY ARE NOT!!

My beef is not with the general public, it is with the so called personal trainers, coaches and companies that exploit this misinformation. For those of you still confused here is whats going on.

A weight loss bootcamp/challenge is sold to the public over X amount of weeks to achieve a certain goal in body weight.

The product usually consist of 5/6 bootcamp style classes per week plus a one size fits all meal plan so everyone eats the same very low calorie diet (usually they seem to set men and women differently in terms of calories but not by much)

Everyone then begins their mission into the X week plan to achieve the target weight.

If people make the target weight they receive a reward at the end, such as free training sessions, money back or similar.

Sounds decent yeah… Well, its far from it!!

Obviously Im going to explain why, help you understand your goal and help you make a better decision on which kind of course to enrol on.

OK, as already establish very few people aim to lose weight as a goal, exceptions maybe professional athletes looking to dominate the weight class below their own, or maybe someone incredibly heavy and it is putting their life at risk due to the consequence of being so overweight.
Lets face it, the likelihood of either of these examples to be in a bootcamp based weight loss program is slim to none as they are inappropriate methods for both parties.

As stated, fat loss is the main goal for most people likely to sign up.

To lose stored body fat it is correct to be in a deficit of calories, but it should not be drastic. Eating under 1000 calories per day as well as training 5/6 times per week for 6 – 8 weeks WILL cause weight loss in almost all people, it will also increase stress and internal inflammation over the entire period of the course. This has several set backs, stress and inflammation cause the body to store fat, as it is the body’s way of protecting you. The longer the stressful situation goes on, the more skilled the body becomes at storing fat, this is a survival response hardwired into the human body.

Whilst doing the course the demand on an already starved body is huge, the body has not got the fuel supply being consumed to sustain itself, so it will use stored fuel. Again, sounds good. It maybe is good, for a week or so as the body’s stress level isn’t too bad. After this the body will start to attack itself and eat muscle tissue to create an energy supply to sustain itself, this again is far from ideal as most peoples goal is not lose muscle, its to build it, to appear leaner.

So, by the end of week 2 you will be lighter in weight I’m almost sure of it, but in the process you have started a full body fire of internal inflammation, lost muscle tissue, disturbed hormonal balance and are beginning to place strain on the whole body. But well done, as you lost a small amount of weight and some of that is fat.

As the weeks progress the body gets worse and the survival system becomes more and more efficient, the weight will indeed keep coming down but the side effects are much worse. At the final week all efforts get pushed to make the target weight. I have heard of people hitting over the counter fat burners, illegal substances, starving themselves and cutting weight in the sauna in aid to get on the scales at the target weight in these last weeks. I have even heard trainers actually encouraging this behaviour.

The athletic level of people attending a “weight loss” camp/course is going to be fairly low, a novice trainer at best, even the attempted use of any of the above methods is dangerously unnecessary.

Regardless, if you make the weight or not your body will look different, most people I have met after doing this kind of thing look ill, they look like they have been in hospital, not training hard!
They are what I would classify “skinny fat” they have shrank in size and stature but still have excess fat just hold it in looser skin. A lot of the time the person does not know this, as they are a novice trainer this must just be the consequence to being fat then losing weight and getting fit …… WRONG!!!!

Again, this a lack of knowledge from the participant because it has not been explained to them, they are unaware of the situation they have been put through internally. This is not the fault of the participant, it is the fault of the service providing this product.
Now the even worse part.

As the body is now a trained survival machine guess what its going to do the second this person comes of the eating plan (which they will, its unsustainable) they will consume different foods, some of these foods are also junk foods and processed foods. You guessed it baby, FAT STORAGE!!!! Only this time your a beast at storing fat, so it goes back on even quicker.

This leaves the participant disheartened, blaming themselves, misinformed about the process to lose fat and they believe they can either be fat or be skinny fat and thats the way things are.


If this situation is similar to yours this is not your fault and THIS IS NOT YOUR FATE!!!

Like any industry, there are so many scam artists, bull shitters, fake ass entrepreneur wannabes, immoral dip shits and poorly educated coaches out there trying to hustle you into a engaging in a poor product. My beef is with them, and yours should be too,

Any company, coach or trainer that is offering such a product is either shit and not worthy of their job title because they are ignorant to the damage they are causing OR an immoral scam artist charging money for a poor and damaging product to a misguided audience. Either way it is unacceptable, they should be shot with shit end of story.



To select a good course to go on, or person/company to engage with for your goals you must first acknowledge that you maybe not the best person to make this decision as you have little information. If you know a trusted individual in the fitness industry maybe look to get their opinion. If not make sure you do some homework on your goal. When, looking for information online specify your goal. Googling “how to lose weight” will bring up heaps of crap information, I can tell you that without typing it. Specify it to something like “nutrition programming for fat loss” or “training methods to boost fat loss” Look for information from higher end training facilities that deal with athletes, because as a coach the requirement to meet the needs of improving athletes and competitors is many steps ahead of where you likely are. I am not telling you to copy athletic training, I am simply saying if guys from that field are writing about fat loss methods its probably worth reading.

You will now understand your goal and its general requirements.


I like it when a client comes to me and asks questions, it shows commitment to the goal, I will be pleased that someone has done some homework and understands the general requirements.

Good questions to ask,

  • What does the course entail
  • Will I be further educated about my goal
  • Is there a nutrition program, (there should be)
  • Is everyone given exactly the same nutritional targets (you should not be)
  • Will my progress be monitored by weight alone (it should not be, methods including composition testing or measurements are a better sign)
  • Ask for details or training methods used in the program (complex lifts are unnecessary on your training program for a goal of fat loss be aware of this, done incorrectly they lead to dysfunction if not injury)
  • Will I be given a leaving strategy so I understand how to eat after the program to ensure the results I have got will be kept


Keeping a close eye on a lot of people is difficult, ensuring a big group of people are doing everything correctly and are on target is damn near impossible to do as a solo coach no matter how skilled.
Smaller class sizes ensure a better quality of care, a coach can give you more time and has less distractions. Smaller group will have larger success than big groups as things are more personalised.


Given the above statement, a facility has to make its money some how so it will likely cost more to be in a small concentrated group but if the result and learning experience is top quality and will see you well on the way to getting to your target you are far better investing into that instead of going for the cheap option and end up skinny fat.

Go and find an established professional, sit and talk to them regarding your plans, don’t be pressured into a decision, do your homework, if what they said makes sense and fits with most of the advise I have given, it might be worth a try.

So, these are a few things to think about before signing up to Sargent Billys bullshit bootcamp lose 20 kg and win your money back but get a cuddly toy for trying anyway.

Check out my other blogs that could help you out,

Over and out dudes,

Keep up the Grind guys,

Coach Chris McClarence

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