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Many people pick, or have picked for them by a so called coach, exercises in their programs which they aren’t capable of doing with correct technique.

This inability to correctly perform an exercise or movement pattern is not necessarily a negative reflection on them as an athlete or client. Sometimes, certain body types and physical structures just don’t suit certain movements, even to the point which they cause pain. Sometimes, it may look like the athlete can perform the movement but they do not understand which muscles are supposed to be loaded and in which order. In this case they maybe able to move an object, lets take a bar for example, from point A to point B, but as they have not loaded the movement pattern correctly, they will get little benefit from it. In fact, it will damage the central nervous system (CNS) ability to correctly learn the movement pattern and leave them constantly trying to add more weight to the movement, in their mind to progress, but actually, they are building on top of dysfunction and as a result an imbalance will be created hindering the improvement of other related and non related movements.

Strength is neural, its a skill. By practising it you are building and confirming and reconfirming motor pathways. The more skilled you are at a movement the stronger you will be. Is there a time and place for ripping big weight.. of course there is. It just doesn’t (or shouldn’t) come about in 99.99% of the populations training programs.

Don’t increase speed or resistance to dysfunction!!

At the Grind Hard Fitness facility dysfunction is anything less than SOLID in a movement pattern! We have high standards to earn progression and if its not solid, its inconsistent. Just being “capable of,” is not enough to earn speed or resistance increase. However, it does earn various changes in method (iso holds, 1 and 1/2 reps etc) with manageable weights and reps to ensure solid function happens quickly.

Find a good coach that will make it mandatory for you to wire in positive movement patterns and help you engage correctly, this way you will progress. Remember, even if your an advanced athlete with a long history of personal training, learning or perfecting the smallest of skill could seriously up your game, and rather than take the regression as an insult, prove your cognitive and physical capability to earn the right to progress through your new movement pattern showing skill and adaptability.

Keep up the grind guys,

Coach Chris

Keep up the Grind guys,

Coach Chris McClarence

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