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Here are our common questions and answers.

I’ll tell you why! Grind Hard Fitness is not just an incredibly well developed facility with specialist equipment to suite a wide range of athletes across the board. It is a system and structure that ensures every individual that walks through the doors has a particular level of care that is suited to their individual needs. Quality coaching is ALWAYS a priority, even in class settings. As skill level and understanding of YOUR movement pattern and functionality sky rockets, you will gain access to increased athleticism in areas you wish to improve on and have a great understanding of what is required to create a much improved physique.

The more you invest in the Grind Hard structure, the more bespoke and higher the quality of care you will receive. Amazing results can be achieved at fast pace if you have great coaching and access to information from an expert to combat issues specific to your individual body because “one size fits nobody!!”

Definitely not! But be expected to be treated like an athlete. Now, that doesn’t mean someone brand new to training will be on the same program as one of our athletes! It means that the quality of care you will receive will leave you feeling like one. Everyone has issues, injuries, niggles, problems when it comes to their body. I am yet to see a perfectly functioning body and I’m damn sure I never will. There is always something we can be doing to make us function, perform or look better, and here at Grind Hard Fitness we excel at finding and fixing issues to get you closer to your goal, whether it be in performance, nutrition or cognitive function.

Anyone is welcome to engage in the classes at Grind Hard Fitness (you even get a free coached fundamentals session before paying a penny), but there is a procedure to follow to ensure you are set on the best path for success in the system from day one, but no-one can just rock up unannounced. All you need to do is fill out an enquiry form and follow the simple instructions you receive, then you’re good to go!

Not ANY class. Certain classes on the timetable are by invitation only, this because there is either a high level of skill, pace or strength required to complete the class, but they are only two per week. Everything else on the schedule, anyone can attend.

Even if there is a huge difference in training experience. Doesn’t sound very bespoke

Your right it doesn’t!


At Grind Hard Fitness a carefully developed and well maintained structure is in place to ensure that attendees receive a high quality workout that is geared towards them and their development, with a coach monitoring performance, instructing and motivating them throughout. So your programming will depend on your previous training level and experience. Class numbers are kept low to ensure quality can be kept to a high standard. This offers the group an environment with much less distraction for improving. Small numbers gets everyone motivated without the chance to slack off and at higher levels offers a small amount of competition between the guys and girls that are pushing performance based goals.

Ok, I like the fact that I can get involved with Higher end training techniques and still be a beginner​

It’s more than available, it’s an expectation you should expect from Grind Hard Fitness.

If you’re looking to alter your body composition (shed fat, get ripped, be more muscular etc) you’re in the right place. If you do not have the body of someone on the cover of a fitness magazine you have a problem or an issue, let me explain.

So, what is meant by that is, almost everyone could look like that, if they combatted internal and external issues in their life. It could be a nutritional issue, a training issue, a hormonal issue, a medical issue etc. But without a high level coach or expert to help you understand what the problems and issues are it will be a case of trial and error which could take years or even decades to reach depending upon how much time you place on research. This is where Grind Hard Fitness steps in. With plenty of success in the past and a firm understanding of the latest research and methods all these things can be tested and your results will seriously fast track.

There are a few options. If you are looking to make a serious change FAST and willing to go all in your best bet is to sign up to an intense course. Intense courses are exactly that, they offer a very high level of care in a small controlled setting, reviewed weekly and have a big emphasis on educating the client on what they personally need to do to achieve their goal. They are allocated several, purpose built small group classes every week for a set amount of weeks and their nutrition is set based upon testing and personal information and circumstances. The idea is to make as big a change as possible in the fastest time, whilst improving health and bodily function. All attendees will be given a review at the end of the course and be very well equipped with the tools and protocols needed to keep their results going after the course.

Several of the classes are also designed to manipulate body composition and if you feel that you want the best quality service, have many goals to achieve and are serious about becoming a better you in every way shape and form and are in it for the long run, the 1-1 and small group coaching system is 100% the way to go.


Any course that has a set amount of weight for a client to lose 99 times out of 100 is bullshit and dangerous. Unless you are a competitive athlete trying to fit in to a weight category for your chosen sport, losing “weight” should NEVER EVER be your target. It is far to general a term. If you lost a leg you would weigh less, if you sat in a sauna for an hour you would weigh less, if you lost muscle tissue you would weigh less. Im sure you get the picture. Losing STORED BODY FAT for example is a specific goal, and each individual can have a variety of issues internal and external that is preventing them from doing that. But how will you know whats holding you back without help. The courses here begin with education, then working out what the problems are for each individual followed by a solution, plan, and the execution of that plan in and out of our training facility.

Courses are ran like this for specific goals, so not only to lose fat but courses are available to build muscle mass, increase athletic performance and strength and power too.

Not a lot to be honest, but a course is focused on a goal and that goal alone. Where as 1-1 and small group coaching is focused on the person and their particular needs, goals, developments and problems, where as coaching doesn’t have a finish date. This leaves the client/athlete able to adapt their coaching at any time to hone in on goals, purely focus on THEIR performance or nutritional issues, THEIR development and have a specified program tailored to THEIR success whatever it is they are wanting to achieve. Specialist topics like competition preparation, athlete psychology techniques, regular reviews or progress, testing and feed back evaluations are all part and parcel, this is truly a top level of care.

Everyone starts the same way, simply fill in the enquiry form and follow the instructions from there. From that point people looking to engage in classes will be issued with a selection of dates to attend their free class. If it’s for them they can go ahead and book what they want from there on, if not they got free coaching and a decent workout.

Course guys and girls will be given a date for a consultation and a briefing on the course and can decide if it’s for them, if so they will proceed and attend the course and begin its structure. If not, they can always try the classes.

1-1 and small group training dudes will be invited to a consultation if they wish to proceed they will pick the package they wish to begin their coaching with and will be screened, assessed, inducted to the fundamentals and begin their individualised training and nutrition program.

All clients and athletes can engage in any of the services offered at Grind Hard Fitness at any time and the 1-1 and small group packages include access to certain amount of classes per month too so they could train at Grind Hard Fitness and be coached more or less full time without having to split their training between facilities and get more coaching hours in.

Good! If you’re a little bit nervous this obviously means a lot to you and as mentioned you don’t have to be an athlete to train here, but it’s an expectation to really want to make a change, improve and get the next level whatever that is for you. Anyone that is blasé initially about training at Grind Hard Fitness is a concern as it shows they are not taking their development seriously. What ever your base level of fitness is or knowledge of nutrition is makes ZERO difference, it is the ability to give it your all and try your best and you will be coached to success and be proud of the person you become along the way.

“If all you can do is crawl, then crawl.”

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