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There is a huge public confusion between what is health care and what is sick care.

Let’s get this straight, nutrition is health care, medicine is sick care. As the UK has an inefficient system of both caring for the public and educating the public in relation to the link between nutrition and health let me fill in some gaps.

The body requires a set amount of calories for it to functional optimally, if this calorie demand is not met the body will not simply just shut down, it will create a fuel source internally. If you over consume that set amount of calories you will store fuel. Fat loss and weight loss are two separate things and are both more complex issues than eat less to lose weight or fat but that is not what this article is about, check out some of my other blogs for that.

Eating for positive health SHOULD be the baseline of nutrition, along with getting the correct amount of calories in relation to your fitness goals. If you have no fitness or body composition goals, that is fine, just eat the correct amount of calories your body needs to operate but everyone should be involved in some form of physical activity 5 times per week minimum even if its just a brisk walk with the dog.

Eating “clean” is a great way to start providing you are aware of what foods are clean and which aren’t. For example quite a few people believe drinking fruit juice is clean, check the sugar content on the carton, yep, sugar is through the roof. Milk is another one, Its full of calcium and good for your bones…. it also has approximately 25grams of sugar per pint!! So beware of sneaky sugars, check the label.

Coach!!! This is getting ridiculous!!! What can I eat and drink then???

Your right it is ridiculous…. That people are unaware of this. This should have been taught to you in primary school. Looking after your health is the number 1 priority, without health you cant do much else. This is why the system pisses me off so much, there would be much fewer issues and strain on the health system if we knew this from being young.

So, here it is


** Before all you gym bros stop reading to go and look at fit chicks asses on insta stay with me for a few seconds, because this is how i fast tracked some of my best muscle growth.

If a good internal environment is create the body will be well balanced. What does that actually mean though? It means that all systems, organs, glands and tissue are operating within there optimal range. If they are not we wont operate optimally, its not rocket science. A lot of the crappy, cheap, sugar and preservative filled food available on the shelves in supermarkets contain all sorts of shit that interrupts your systems. If your systems become stressed the body will try and deal with the problem as it should, if the stress become too much the body will adapt and cope regardless, this is brilliant as we can still operate most of the time but it will come at a consequence. There has to be a side effect to this. A lot of the time its fat or water storage, the immune system will take a hit and the negative spiral begins. Many people then think exercise is the answer, remember intense exercise is stressful on the body and almost all of its systems, you might be burning calories but you will be increasing the side effects of your issue.

Think of things like this, you wouldn’t decorate your bathroom whilst your kitchen is on fire! The same way your body will not prioritise results over health.

(this is where the gym bros need to pay attention)

GET YOUR BASELINE HEALTH AT OPTIMAL LEVEL AND RESULTS WILL SPEED UP. You will also find that your cognitive function is sky high and level of focus is up. Don’t underestimate this I have had and produced with countless clients some insane results at speed. Its is not uncommon for regular lifters and People prioritising muscle growth to increase in size and strength even in a caloric deficit!!!

HEALTH IS PRIORITY NUMBER 1. Everything else will increase with your health – Lifts, energy levels, brain function, body change, mood. Its is the main component for success without side effects.

OK, Heres the basics of the way to go about things,


  • Eat a minimum of 3 meals per day of natural quality nutrients from a fresh food source (Dont have a little bitch portion, if your putting quality it will be used well)
  • If it was available to a caveman and it hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides get it down you
  • If it ever walked, swam or had eyes you should probably eat it at every main meal
  • If it comes in a plastic box thats microwavable in 2 seconds, 9 times out of 10, its packed with shit.
  • Organic natural fats will do you wonders (Organic nut butters, coconut oils, olives, avocados)
  • Dark green veg is your best friend it will care for you if you eat it (Spinach, kale, asparagus, broccoli etc)
  • Add seeds and nuts to your diet
  • Drink 3 litres of water per day and stick a lemon or two in there
  • If your going to eat carbs keep them complex, wholemeal or “brown” but don’t go nuts with them unless you’re training hard and looking to build tissue.

Here are some great supplements and additions that help with many issues, consuming all of them everyday at the recommend dose will have zero negative effect on the majority of the population, obviously if you have a preexisting condition or allergy to them use common sense.

Chelated Magnesium
Vitamin D3
High quality fish oils and omega 3s
Cider apple vinegar
Amino acids

There are several other supplements, plant sterols and herbal remedies far less common, but incredibly effective at aiding the body to recover from deficiency and combat specific health problems. I have suggested some of these methods to clients after advising them to get their blood work done from a qualified expert.
This is not an area I claim to be qualified in. Functional medicine and similar methods are a mind field, with top experts making great ground but at the moment I am not one of them, therefore I am unwilling to give out protocols or further advise. However, advise is available elsewhere and with little effort, solid nutrition and some simple protocols with some naturally occurring substances I have hugely benefit the following issues in myself and others so there is no reason you cant do the same;

hormonal imbalances,
water retention,
specific fat storing areas,
liver health,
brain fog,
stressed adrenals
Digestive distress


If you put all the above advise in place you will definitely feel, look and operate better than you are now. This is sustainable advise and health should stay pretty optimal. Of course if accident or injury happens or we become sick and the immune system is unable to hold off the illness, then you should consult a doctor for sure.

Anyone that saw my slightly manic video rant that inspired this article will get the wrong end of the stick. I am NOT against doctors, I find it unprofessional and uninspiring that many are in poor health and engage in negative eating patterns themselves as they are the example. I can completely see why doctors do have a hard job, as I stated the system they are in doesn’t function properly and is over stressed, and the people using it are clueless about how to help themselves without medication or having there hand held, hence the reason I have written this article.

Please do your best to care for your health via nutrition at all times and educate your kids to look after themselves, it puts you in a more powerful and productive position as you will rarely have to rely on a failing system and the system will not be as failing if people are more educated.

(Sigh) I am now more at peace with this rant out in the open and am less likely to be a risk to the public.

Stay health, smash your workouts and take control of your awesome body.

Keep up the Grind guys,

Coach Chris McClarence

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