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It has been proven in studies that if you mentally rehearse an event it will reflect in your performance. The more you practice this technique the more improved the result.

Step 1 –

Find somewhere quiet where you can relax, focus and you wont be disturbed

Step 2 –

Sit or lie quietly with your eyes closed and take deep breaths, progressively inhale for a count of 7, pause, then exhale for a count of 11 and repeat the process.

Step 3 –

Imagine (in the most detail possible) yourself in the environment in which you are going to perform and view yourself there from the third person perspective (as if someone is watching you.) Watch yourself and how you are moving, the confidence with which you hold yourself. Picture what your wearing. See yourself going through your routine with fantastic success. For example if you are mentally rehearsing 100m sprint, you would look super focused, warming up in your tracksuit, see yourself on the track and setting up your blocks. Watch yourself looking at the finish line from different angles as if it were the main character in a film, then vision the race and you performing at an outstanding level.

Step 4 –

Repeat step 3 but from the first person perspective (out of your own eyes) this time really step inside yourself and bring in a strong sensory element. Feel how you want to feel, be calm and composed but experience the nervous excitement that you know your going to win and beat your personal best. Feel the warmth in your tracksuit as you up your activity level. Then the feel of walking on the track and testing your spikes on the surface, feel how light and explosive you feel. Imaging being in your blocks on the start line and responding first to the gun and feeling sheer power as you drive and climb towards the finish line and celebrating after you’ve won.

Step 5 –

As you have finished your internal story and feel positive and satisfied bring yourself back to the present.

Your brain struggles to distinguish the difference between fantasy and reality. If you really focus on the technical aspects and the emotional aspects of your specific task or event you will create motor motor pathways and increase your skill.

Visualisation is a skill in itself and must be practiced. A good way to do this is to create an association. For example I have associated visualisation with going in the bath, it made sense to me as it is a time I’m not often disturbed and the environment is soothing. Obviously, I have to get washed, and although a lot of the time I take showers, I am still in the bath regularly so I have made it a consistent habit.

Become 100% mentally engrossed in your goal. Truly visualise the attack

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