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How many times do you her statements like,

I wish i was like that guy…

I could never get as good as that girl…

I’ll really try hard and i might come out on top who knows…

Well… I know. You won’t come out on top!!!

Not with that attitude anyway.

Self limitation is created by past experiences and the acceptance of your current circumstances. This is toxic and you are poisoning yourself from the inside out and it MUST change to fast track to the next level.

If I am sat in a maths class for 9 years of schooling and fail my maths exams, am I bad at maths?? Yes, I am bad a maths. But why?

Am i incapable of learning? Does that part of my brain just not operate well? These are all possible factors, but the likelihood is that you were in a poor learning environment with teaching methods that were not suitable ways to approach your particular learning style. But stating that you are bad at maths without having a fair chance in a nurturing environment with a suitable teacher doesn’t hold the same value.

You could well be incredibly well wired for maths, but may have never had the correct tuition and you have accepted that due to experiencing failure, and therefore made the fact you are poor at maths as part of your identity.

I have used the example of maths because I have heard this statement from so many people in all walks of life. Just as I have heard it about athletic ability.

look at it this way..

Everyone is an athlete, were just all at different stages!

You are not the fat kid that came last at sports day. You are not the kid who got cut from the team. You are not the person who can’t physically better themselves due to illness or injury. You are not the kid who ALMOST made it.

These are identities you have took on from past experience. They are not you, they are an interpretation of the things that have happened to you.

To get to the next level you must disengage with these feelings and emotional associations. These excuses get you zero percent closer to your goal. I advise that right now, reading this, you visualise yourself and create an identity with the next level of athleticism from where you are now. Whether that be, wanting to perform the best on your local football team or trying to break on to the world class stages.

It is vital that you understand that you have not been given all the tools yet, no matter how experienced you are, you can always better your best. Everyday new tools and information are coming forward which might be the key to unlock the door to progression. The information in this program is well structured and the application of it across all areas is extremely powerful.

If i wanted to build a car i wouldn’t just start attaching things here there and everywhere. I would visualise the end product find out what tools i needed and which parts are the best and the most practical way to approach each system that performs a different task.

Building an athlete is no different, and it all starts with the visualisation of the end product.

So as of now, after reading this you are the next level and you will only see yourself as the next level. The work you will perform throughout this program will show you that, as you follow it to the letter. You will start to feel like this next level as you focus and produce quality output on every task demanded of you.

You must decide right now that you are going to be the best version of yourself possible!

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