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MARSHMALLOW MID SECTION??? Apply these methods for FAST Fat loss!

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MARSHMALLOW MID SECTION??? Apply these methods for FAST Fat loss!!

So, your stomach looks like a marshmallow that has been sat in hot chocolate for and hour!

Well, your obviously sick of it otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this. Unless you just thought this article was about hot chocolate in which case you better take your sugar loving ass back to Starbucks.

So, heres whats likely internally wrong to cause you to store fat on your abdomen.

1 – Your sensitivity to Insulin is shot to shit
2 – Your levels of cortisol are through the roof
3 – You oestrogen levels are probably too high

So what the hell does that mean in real life, and what can I do about it?

1 – Stop abusing carbohydrates and dramatically decrease your sugar intake for fat loss.

If the body is continuously subject to insulin spiking substances i.e sugar, the receptor cells become blunt and the body has very little sensitivity to insulin making the body much less efficient at absorbing nutrients to the muscle tissue, this results in increased body fat levels and causing high levels of oestrogen and aromatase (enzyme which converts testosterone to oestrogen).

I don’t care if you think you “eat clean,” or eat “healthy,” that’s like being asked what car do you drive and someone replying “Oh a nice one.”
It is not specific to your health/fitness related goal, in this case, fat loss. Your blood sugar levels are most probably all over the place and the easiest way to make a drastic impact is to cut carbohydrates and replace the lost calories with high quality fats, and if carbs are eaten, they should be minimal, and only consume complex carbs (brown or wholemeal).

Check the ingredients on the food you eat and that means EVERYTHING. For example, many people don’t know that there is almost 25 grams of sugar in one pint of milk. So check everything you consume. We call these assholes sneaky carbs.

Sneaky carbs are bastards!!!

2 – Poor food choices cause internal inflammation and stress the body leading to stored fat.

Cortisol is the stress hormone. Mental stress is obviously not a positive thing and can have a serious impact on a persons physical health, which is fairly common knowledge. But, what many people don’t realise is, that eating poor food choices creates internal inflammation and increases acidity in the body. You need to eliminate those foods and increase your gut health and increase ‘good bacteria’. Consuming foods or supplements high in quality essential fatty and amino acids helps to relieve stress on the system as the body is not forced to break internal tissue down.

3 – From fat legs to bitch tits, out of control oestrogen causes mayhem and make you look a mess.

High oestrogen levels will cause you to store fat, increase cancer risk, have imbalanced mood and retain water, a poor diet encourages this as mentioned in point 1. All hormones play a vital role in the function of the human body but they need to be balanced and at optimum levels if you want to have a decent physique. Eliminating junk foods, sugar and fast acting carbs is a start, mix this with essential amino, fatty acids, omega 3s and selected vitamins and minerals will allow the body to rebalance itself, resulting in a significant change in body image.

So, you should get the gist of whats going on and hopefully gives you a new look beyond thinking you “eat clean” its far from as simple as not eating shit!!

Right, enough chewing on,

Heres a solid fat loss solution recommended by Grind Hard Fitness;

  • Find out how many calories your body requires to maintain itself and eat 500 calories less
  • Eat a high protein diet, quality meats and fresh fish several times per day
  • Cut carbohydrates significantly
  • Consume high amount of quality fats (organic extra virgin olive oil, Organic extra virgin coconut oil, Organic nut butters)
  • Take a quality omega 3 supplement
  • Ingest high amounts of fibre (30 grams plus for a male, 25 grams should be fine for a female)
  • Eat regular meals with high protein and quality fat at each meal
  • Drink 3+ litres of water per day
  • Avoid soya
  • Get alcohol out of your diet
  • Following supplements are very beneficial to aid the body rebalance everything mentioned and worth checking out.
  1. Curcumin
  2. DIM complex
  3. B vitamins
  4. Zinc and chelated magnesium
  5. Green tea extract
  6. Glutamine
  7. Probiotic
  8. Greens and reds powder
  9. Vitamin D3

So, thats the scoop from Grind Hard Fitness, get on the case, implement the following fat loss methods, train hard and stop offending everyone with your marshmallow.

Next stop shredded abs!

Keep up the Grind guys,

Coach Chris McClarence

contact me here



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