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Little One Got Too Much Energy? I’ve Got the Solution

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Mini Monsters – kid’s fitness and development

Listen up ALL parents!

Little One Got Too Much Energy and nothing productive to do with it?

Does your little monster run rings around you?

Do you struggle to find an outlet that will allow them to develop physically, mentally and emotionally as well as hold their attention?

Well look no further! Grind Hard Fitness Coach Chris McClarence may just have the answer! He has set up a class to help little monsters burn off some steam. Whilst also educating them about the best way to develop themselves.

The class is structured to help children and young people become more functional in movement, strength and skill cialis legal kaufen. This means that they will become a more efficient human being and learn skills for life. Teaching their little bodies to become better at the things they like doing best like running, jumping, climbing and playing games.

Expect your mini monster to become, faster, healthier, better balanced, stronger, educated and above all else safer and more confident. Building a good foundation from an early age protects the body and creates positive movement and posture for life and any child wishing to pursue sporting activity will have a fantastic foundation to build on.

Hyperactivity is deemed an asset!

The class will include games, team work, balance, functional movement, play based exercise, nutrition and exercise knowledge, along with practical motor skill development. Learning communication skills, co-ordination and respect for themselves and others are a by product of the Grind Hard Fitness method.

Bring your bouncing mini monster to an environment where hyperactivity is deemed an asset and help them develop and channel their energy.

Get in touch today for any further information.

Recommended age – 5 –9 years

Location – Unique Fitness North East

Time – Every Tuesday as of 14/06/16, 4 – 5pm

Price – £5

Give it a try and you might not have to say “My little one got too much energy” every again!

Keep up the Grind guys,

Coach Chris McClarence

contact me here



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