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Hitting your Calories and the big Fat Secret

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To all those trying to improve their physique and body image please listen up.

Many of you guys have been really under eating, and some are also over training on top of that in order to shift stored fat. If you fall into that category this post is not to give you an in depth overly complex knowledge bomb to why it is so bad. It really though, for many reasons! Its more to give you a fast plan.

So, very briefly heres why its bad, it puts the body in a high state of stress. As a result your body will store fat as a survival mechanism and also store water within the fat cells. Much internal inflammation is a result of this, and the body has to use what ever stores it has and what little nutrients its given to treat this as a priority.

So, heres the analogy of what your doing;

Basically, your running a car with not enough fuel, next to no oil, over horrific terrain, in Syria, whilst being shot at!

And your confused as to why your car is not performing well and looking good.

You want to be shredded and get fast results? PACK THAT SHIT IN NOW!!

This is a quick post to tell you to stop it and give you an easy solution.

So here it is.

Smashing in fats is very often a good answer!

But coach, your mad! Im fat enough. Your saying to eat more??

You bet your fat ass i am, and heres why!!!

Good fats are a fantastic fuel source and provide a serious energy and mental stimulation.
Fats are 9 calories per gram where as carbs are 4. So, fats are over twice as efficient as carbs therefore you only need to eat half of the volume not leaving you full to the back teeth or requiring lots of meals.
Just consuming high quality fats stimulate the body and switches on the fat burning process and actually increases energy expenditure.
Essential fatty acids protect the body and assist against internal inflammation and as a byproduct, helps lower cortisol (the stress hormone) which encourages fat to store.
Essential fatty acids improve cognitive function, mix this with a decrease in sugar and you will feel a serious mental edge.
Quality fats are super easy to consume and in most instances require little or zero food preparation.
High quality fats contain HDL cholesterol (the good kind) have countless antioxidants and nutrients
All the above qualities lead to an enhanced recovery process, meaning you can actually train harder.

Ok, so now your sold on High Quality fats Awesome!

So, which fats are high quality??

High quality omega 3 supplement – Get a high DHA content, and a good ratio of all omega 3’s in product
Oily fresh fish – mackerel, sardines, salmon
Organic nuts and nut butters
Coconut oil – must be extra virgin and organic
Olives and Olive oil – buy organic
Great additions to add to daily diet – Sesame seeds, flax seeds, broccoli, spinach

Bang these bad lads in your diet, get your sugar right down, smash in quality meat and fish, eat less than your calorie maintenance level and enjoy your results in health and body image and annoy everyone that has zero will power on social media with your before and after pics.

Now go smash it,

Coach Chris McClarence,


Keep up the Grind mofos!!!

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