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Have you checked your protein shake

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When buying a protein supplement you should ALWAYS fully check the label!

As mentioned in my nutrition programme book, all supplements are not created equally.

Speaking to many clients and gym goers and I receive the same information. A lot of the time people go for the cheapest option, because “protein is protein.” This is NOT the case!

Quick tips to make a more informed decision


1 The order in which ingredients are listed on the label, indicates the volume of the ingredient in the product. So for example if whey concentrate is first on the list, then this is the prime ingredient.

2 Quality protein ranking highest to lowest.

-hydrolysed whey protein
– whey isolate
– whey concentrate
-milk protein isolate
-soy protein
-egg albumin

3 Vegetable protein is not “complete” protein. This means that it contains only SOME of the amino acids necessary for your body’s repair and growth process. This is not to say it does not serve a purpose but if you’re spending money on recovery its far from ideal.

4 By regulation standards protein isolate must be at least 90 % protein after being treated and filtered. Whey concentrate however need only be between 35% and 80% giving a huge allowance in the quality you are consuming.

These are just a couple of pointers to look out for an hopefully get your attention so you can research whats best for your personal goals.

Knowledge applied is more gains!

Have you checked your protein shake? Do it NOW!

Keep up the Grind guys,

Coach Chris McClarence

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