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The best personal fitness Newcastle has to offer
Craig Fitness Training by Coach Chris McClarence

Personal Training

The core of Grind Hard Fitness lies in the individualised 1-1 programmes, probably the best fitness Newcastle has to offer. Tailor made to suit each client and athletes needs specifically. The time spent during these sessions is extremely efficient. Meaning that the client receives the upmost benefit from every minute spent training. Each and every client is educated as to why they are performing the task set out in order to relate it back to their goal. Knowing the purpose of performance relates to better understanding, body awareness, skill and most of all RESULTS.To encourage positive performance and get the very best out of your body, rest periods are timed throughout the sessions. Chris has a wealth of knowledge in a massive variety of training disciplines. Communicating instructions clearly and gearing each program exactly to the level of the specific client or athlete. So no one will be out of their depth. Clients choose how many sessions per week they would like in their initial consultation. Along with advice from Chris, a programme will be developed around that.Grind Hard Fitness has achieved great results. Evidence of this is in the testimonial section and displayed weekly on our social media.

Private Training

These sessions are the bread and butter of Grind Hard Fitness.

Individualised programming and intensive tuition is made paramount in each session. Grind Hard Fitness operates by running semi private sessions, these sessions can consist of an absolute maximum of 3 people, but will very often just be 1 or sometimes 2, clients together. Sessions last between 60 and 75 minutes

Everyone has their own individualised program and receive intense coaching throughout each session. New clients and clients who have new or specific skills and exercises placed into their plan will be always be placed in that session solo, to ensure a quality learning environment until they are proficient.

Every clients goals and ambitions are personal to them to manage this from a coaching aspect and to get the most from every workout, clients sessions will always be appropriately paired and to the advantage of all clients.

The results achieved by training in this small intense and personal environment are second to non. Whether your new to exercise, a long time gym goer, a keen sports player or a competitive athlete. You will achieve the next level you are looking for in this system built for success.

You may pay £25 for your first single session to experience Grind Hard Fitness before committing yourself. Payment after this must be 10 sessions upfront which is priced at £200 per client.

Coach Chris McClarence
Coach Chris McClarence


Requested Personal training 1-1 ONLY sessions with coach Chris McClarence are available in single and block bookings of 10 sessions. (These sessions will be reserved entirely for the client and will never be shared with others to further enhance coaching intensity) Price for this is £45 per session or £400 for block of 10.

Group Session

Several group fitness sessions currently run on a weekly timetable and run from different locations around Newcastle. Group sessions, like all fitness sessions, are developed based on efficiency of time. Every client will get the most out of the time spent with maximum motivation, consistent top level instruction and an intense focus on achieving high levels of all round fitness.

Having an incredibly diverse skill set and range of experience available Group sessions can be arranged for any of the following areas.

  • Specific sports teams/groups
  • Nutritional education
  • Children and young people fitness/sports coaching
  • Special educational needs fitness
  • Self defence
  • Advanced Nutritional programming (supplementation, competition/event prep, making weight)
  • Athletic development
  • Powerlifting
  • Speed training
  • Mental preparation and training (relating to sport and performance)

*Please contact Grind Hard Fitness to discuss options, prices and any relevant questions.

Craig Fitness Training by Coach Chris McClarence
Coach Chris McClarence


MMA is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. For those who need an introduction to it MMA consist primarily of Wrestling, Muay Thai Boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Fighters compete in a octagon shaped cage over several rounds and can win by points, knockout or submission.

1-1 or small group sessions are available and geared towards people looking to start training mixed martial arts and those who may have experience in combat discipline’s already. Novice and intermediate level fighters will gain the most from these sessions. Sessions cover a range of techniques, movements, drills, skills and sparring. The aim is to progress the athlete’s knowledge and skill base as quickly as possible without increasing risk. Sessions are demanding and testing but at an appropriate level in relation to skill.

As a coach I have trained with many top level athletes in various parts of the world with a vast range of experience in many disciplines and other relevant sport and fitness events and competitions. Coach Chris has fought in many grappling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournaments, lived and trained in several fight camps world wide, training with world famous fighters and has fought on several MMA cards the biggest being cage warriors.

Sessions are not technically geared for advanced fighters but they would be highly recommend to the Full Tilt Fight Conditioning class instead which will test even the most conditioned athlete.

Anyone looking to get involved in MMA for fun, skill, self defence or looking to advance to completion level can entire further.


With an extensive background in a variety of martial arts and fighting disciplines at European competition level. As well as a long history of controlling security in several of the most notorious drinking venues throughout the North East and being subject to hundreds of emergencies, volatile and violent situations. Grind Hard Fitness offers tuition in reality based combat.

These sessions are incredibly unique. They cover self defence and protection based skills adapted from a range of fighting styles used in many Martial Arts and self defence systems. The sessions focus on developing skill rather than fitness. Fitness is very relevant inside the cage, the ring or on the mats. In real life events when taken by surprise your body deals with an immediate adrenaline dump and it is your mind and nervous system which need to be developed. It is for this reason these sessions are one of a kind. Learning skill and putting it in to practice in a purposeful and stressful environment are the only way to develop the ability to defend yourself other than actually having to do it for real. Mental conditioning and learning to adapt technique whilst being exposed to a variety of circumstances will make chances in a real life scenario significantly better. When taken by surprise the odds are far from in your favour.

Personal trainings at Grind Hard you better believe you will learn to neutralise the playing field incredibly quickly and become dominant in the situation. A lot of the time that is enough to discourage an attacker! If not, well, you’ll be given possession to some pretty damaging skills. These sessions by nature can be fairly intense when being tested, as rehearsal for such an event is no joke. On the same note you are not being tested all of the time. The aim is to develop skill and understanding in all areas which can be fun and rewarding.

As always numbers are capped to ensure the best quality tuition. These sessions and workshops cover intense and distressing material. There is no way to dress up the reality of being attacked! Most of the time things don’t go to plan and we must adapt to situations. Environments both internal and external which are nasty, messy and unpleasant. The workshops cover guidance around the legality of how you defend yourself and use of reasonable force. Therefore there is a small amount of theory but they are mostly very hands on.  (Please note we are not police officer or solicitors so all information is guidance taken from relevant courses)

**Reality based workshops are available. Please see the blog and social media for latest workshop information. Any group or company looking for tuition please get in touch via this website, social media or call today.

Youth Development Programme Coach Chris McClarence Grind Hard Fitness
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