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Nutrition – you cant out train a bad diet… period!
Eat More Food and Lose More Fat


Lets face it. Nutrition is a mine field. With seeming conflicting information all over the place, between some expert saying one thing, a doctor saying the other and the latest fail safe diet from such and such magazine most people don’t know which way to turn.

Well Grind Hard Fitness does! So chill out sign up to our nutrition program and be amazed at how simple it is. Notice I said simple, not easy. Although not difficult either. Truth is, most people make nutrition so much more complicated than it has to be. Sign up to this 10 week eating program and unless preparing for a high end goal, competition or event you should not require to continue forking out money on meal plan.


Grind hard arms you with nutritional skills for life, what ever your goal maybe. No one person is the same as another everyone has different food likes and dislikes, jobs, stress levels, training programs, eating patterns, sleeping patterns, health conditions etc that all have an impact on your nutritional requirement. Here you will under go a full assessment, be educated on how to achieve your current goal via nutrition and how to best fuel yourself for training. A client or athlete will be helped to develop a positive eating pattern and gain an understanding of how the body processes what is eaten.

A booklet is also provided to every client. The booklet is broken down into sections so you can refer to any part of it at any time. Some athletes will be very familiar with the subject matter whereas some beginners might be very new to the information. The booklet is written to try and accommodate everyone, and explain the way nutrition works.

Comparison Fat vs Muscle in Pounds by Coach Chris McClarence
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The aim is to understand the science of your body in relation to fuel (food). Then focus on the goal you have set, and eat for that goal.

The primary aim is to develop a positive eating pattern over all so the body becomes healthier and more efficient, permanently!

This makes it easier to pick new goals and adapt your training to achieve that new focus. All this can be done in an easier way, once you have achieved a stable eating pattern


consists of,

  • A consultation to discuss and educate a client around their goal
  • A bespoke set up of calories and macronutrients
  • A tutorial in how to track daily progress and results
  • 1 weekly body composition test, accurately providing all statistics i.e weight, body fat percentage, metabolic age, muscle density etc. This is vital as it actually records results. Results are never based on weight, feeling better or worse, or thinking we are doing well. Results are based on solid facts and figures.
  • A nutrition booklet with helpful information and all educational material to assist you improve knowledge
  • Coaching assistance via messaging


The cost of this is £100 per person

Nutrition programming is available to Grind Hard Fitness clients or members only, and is guaranteed to enhance your results.

Remember – There are 168 hours in a week, even if you train 5 times per week, that is still 163 hours left. If you are fuelled correctly for your goal even 80 % of the time your results will be 10 fold, than if you are not.

Coach Chris McClarence is available to hold Nutrition workshops and seminars externally, in the past they have been incredibly successful and the course is extremely interactive with 10 people being the maximum. Please contact Grind Hard Fitness if you or your company are interested in this.

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