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Gain Lean muscle now – 5 Easy to follow nutrition tips to get lean

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Top nutrition tips from Grind hard fitness coach Chris McClarence to assist you in getting lean and achieving your goals!

Ok guys listen in,

People often see fat loss as a massive chore, and believe that they must live a miserable restricted life in order to look lean and gain muscle tissue. So often i see this happening, I listen to people moan at the massive task of watching everyone else eat what they want whilst they struggle. This in turn leads to negativity, which creates low mood and results in poor impulse control and cheating. The physical consequence to this is nothing compared to the mental consequence. No body likes the feeling of failing a task or letting themselves down.
There are several ways you can avoid this process by taking a look at the problem in a different way.


You have established you want to alter your body composition, how important is this goal to you? Is it more important than your livelihood, your child’s health, your family holiday??? Most people will answer no, and i would definitely agree!

For example,

So you wake up late for work and rush out the house forgetting your breakfast, to arrive there late and have to press on catching up on your tasks. You then have 15 minutes for lunch to run to the supermarket to get a meal deal (which you know isn’t too healthy but it could be a lot worse, i mean dude you gotta eat!) Then you get a call to tell you the little one has fell off the climbing frame at school and needs to be checked over at the hospital and its 6:30 by the time you’ve got in the house, then your partner has ate what you were going to have for tea. So now your stressed to say the least! And, on top of a manic day, your big bad personal trainer is going to give you hell for not hitting your calories and macronutrients.


Your goal has not gone out of the window, you have not failed because at Grind hard fitness we follow these top tips to get, and stay lean.

1 – Count your calories weekly, not daily

So hopefully not every day is as mad as the one described above, if important things like that happen and fortune is not on your side, don’t t panic because there are another 6 days in the week to catch up with all of this. Counting weekly as opposed to daily makes life less stressful. It also means that with a bit of planning and discipline you can rota in a “planned bad day” or at least part of, which brings us on to point number two a big favourite of mine and most Grind Hard Fitness clients.

2 – Plan one cheat meal per week

Yeah you heard me right!! So as described before you can rota a cheat meal into your weekly nutritional requirements. This is the way we would do this. For example, you want to go for a meal with your friends or family on Saturday night and want to have something calorie dense or sugary treats, You would be aware of the meal mid week. So on Thursday and Friday cut your carbs, sugars and fats back for these two days, then when Saturday comes you are all ready in a deficit of calories, fats and carbs so the cheat meal will replenish this, and any additional damage done can be cleaned up a little bit on the Sunday. You have then hit your overall target for the week, had some emotional relief and a reward for a weeks hard work and go in to next week bang on target. Granted the nutritional value of that meal may not be fantastic, but if you’ve trained well and made the effort on your nutrition it should all balance out. Having a cheat meal after a weeks clean eating and training actually helps the body increase its metabolic rate, meaning cheat/treat meal planned well actually aids the loss of stored body fat.

3 – Make several meals at a time

This might sound like a lot of work but it’s actually very time efficient. So instead of cooking one meal, make three of the same meal. Then, eat one, fridge one and freeze one. By doing this you constantly have a supply of healthy, balanced food which is weighed out, easy to track and convenient. So that when you are late for work you can stick a prepped meal or two in your bag with a shake, and off you go.

4 – Sort your breakfast out the night before

You’ve heard it 100 times before but breakfast is the most important meal of the day! If your well sustained from early on you will be more balanced, better focused and less stressed about struggling to hit your calorie goal at night time when you want to prepare for rest. Make it habit to get your breakfast out on the bench with any supplements you take ready to consume. Creating habits is not that difficult it is just about short term consistency. An action becomes habitual after around 60 days. Setting your breakfast or training kit out the night before takes a small amount of effort but can make a huge difference to routine and positive routine is what gets results. Consistency is key.

5 – DO NOT UNDER EAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a biggy! Please do not roll your eyes ladies and gents. This is very important cialis express versand. Under eating causes the body to be in deficit of fuel. to shed body fat you do need to be in a calorie deficit but not by much 500 calories under maintenance level is more than enough to start with. Your body has a set amount of fuel needed for you to live and perform your daily tasks. If you do not have enough fuel your body will resort to using muscle tissue as fuel! Muscle tissue uses fat as fuel but the human body is intelligent and knows that fat is the most efficient form of fuel. Your body thinks its starving due to the deficit created by poor nourishment. Therefore, the body will store fat as it is deemed very valuable and your body will consume your well earned tissue instead. Imagine the muscles on your skeleton as a fire. The bigger the fire the more fuel it will burn, so keep your protein super high guys, fuel that fire ??
Anyone looking to learn more or have their nutritional requirements calculated and set out for any fitness or physique goal.

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Take care, and as always,

Keep up the Grind guys,

Coach Chris McClarence

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