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Eat More Food and Lose More Fat

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Eat more food and lose more fat

or to be more accurate, EAT MORE PROTEIN, LOSE MORE FAT. SIMPLE!!!!

Ok dudes, here’s the low down.

So most people know that guys and girls that train in the gym drink protein shakes and eat protein to “build bigger muscles,” yeah… Well this is a broad statement but mostly true.

Keeping the information fitness and exercise nutrition relevant, proteins job in the body is to repair, regrow and regenerate tissue from muscle, organs and connective tissue. So it is fairly obvious why someone looking to gain increased muscle mass would want to consume as much protein as they can. But why is it relevant to someone wanting to lose stored body fat?

Getting technical

1 pound of body fat burns approximately 3-4 calories per hour. Where as 1 pound of muscle tissue burns in the region of 13-14 calories per hour. Therefore, the more lean muscle tissue you have the more efficient you will be at using fat as a fuel source.

Having a high protein diet and eating less calories than your body requires to sustain its current weight will result in fat loss.

Think of it like this, your lean tissue is the fire inside your body and everything else is fuel. Grow the fire and it will automatically need to burn more fuel. Now, increase the fire and the fuel source (by eating more calories and protein than we need to consume). We stay the same body composition, so our lean tissue to fat ratio is the same, we are just larger. This is ideal for bodybuilders (off season), performance athletes and sports performers who require more power, strength, speed and are not needing to be in weight categories.

BUT… if we are looking to manipulate our body composition in favour of fat loss we must eat less fuel than we need (not by a lot) but focus our eating to supporting the fire as best we can as this will use all the fuel.

Remember- it takes 20% more energy to break down protein than it does carbohydrate. So you are increasing your bodies digestion effort and using a lot more effort just by eating protein cialis wo kaufen.

Fat loss with protein in a nutshell

• Find out how many calories your body requires per day
• -500 calories
• Eat the minimum of 1gram of protein per pound (lb) of body weight
• Increase your good fats
• Keep carbs lower and wholemeal (brown)


High protein for fat loss, told you…. Simple


Eat more food and lose more fat! Keep up the Grind guys,

Coach Chris McClarence

contact me here



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