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Craig Fitness Training by Coach Chris McClarence


It all started last Christmas day 2016 when Craig saw a post of me out training before Christmas dinner screaming in the local park, as I do, with the grind hard attitude. Craig contacted me asking how I was so motivated all the time as he had been following my athletic progress online and needed to change his life. I explained that if he came and trained with me I would show him the winning formula.

Here’s the story…


Many moons ago Craig was dedicated to bodybuilding training and a regular gym goer, he always had great respect for athletes and those taking part in bettering themselves. But, like so many people out there, life took over and slowly his priorities changed. Having bills to pay, mouths to feed, being in full time employment and a dedicated father was taking its toll and his love for training had to be put on the side line, unfortunately, for too long.

With a couple of attempts to regain his fitness Craig tried to get back into getting fit and getting back that mental edge. He wanted to walk with the confidence of his younger self again, but making time for training was getting no easier.

Craig contacted Grind Hard Fitness asking “How

can I develop a mentality like an athlete, so I can get

back to my old self.” He came for a consultation and immediately a plan was put in place. Craig was intrigued by the idea of not only developing his physique but his entire athletic base. With the promise of being made faster, stronger, leaner and more explosive, he was told all he had to do initially was show up with a will to be better every session.

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Monster Making Formula by Coach Chris McClarence
Athlete Training Method


At Grind Hard Fitness, clients and athletes have no option but to develop a higher all round athletic base. The reason for this is the diversity of exercises and how the method by which they are performed. A client’s body will be challenged right across the board with a very strong educational element pushed on the client. If you know why something is benefiting you and the theory behind the work, the client will get the best from each training method, every rep of every set, EVERY session.


Being efficient in training is very effective. If you can achieve 3 outcomes with 1 training method, you are improving 3 times as fast, usually over several areas. This means RESULTS – FAST!! The main success at Grind Hard Fitness is how fast clients see their performance increase as they are pushed in various ways and given top coaching knowledge to take outside of sessions and use themselves. Coaching is very disciplined here but incredibly purposeful. There is no waste in the sessions and a very encouraging environment is created. With all these things happening intensely, workout after work out, the body has no option but to become higher in performance and more efficient at using stored fat as a fuel source.


Craig’s commitment has been second to none, he has turned up twice per week and plugged away bit by bit adopting the relentless mentality instilled at Grind Hard Fitness. He has followed all coaching advice and implemented routines, habits and training methods into his additional work and the overall result has been astounding. Craig has learnt not only to balance out his work, gym and family life but instil it to his oldest daughter (only 7 years old) who occasionally makes an appearance taking part in sessions to push herself and her dad harder. He believes this is down to the effectiveness and efficiency within the training sessions.

As they cover such a wide base he doesn’t have to train several times a day or even everyday to develop like an athlete when you are as productive during training time as he is.

Craig is a huge asset to Grind Hard Fitness and will continue to develop in every sense of the word with serious plans of smashing many new challenges in 2017.

All clients, regardless of age, gender or ability at Grind Hard Fitness are taught to think like an athlete.

Killing every negative thought about a client’s limitation they put on themselves is pushed with great effort. In stilling the mindset and mentality needed is what separates Grind Hard Fitness from the masses.

Once you feel, the confidence, once you believe you can achieve the next level you are already half way there. After that, all you need to do is show up and follow instruction like Craig did and you will be the next success story!


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