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5 Top Tricks to Burn Body Fat at Home

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If you’re like me, you’ve not got much spare time. So just a quick one guys, let me show you how to burn body fat at home. No bull, just FACTS. Enjoy!


1 – Eat more protein

The body must work 20% harder to digest protein than other forms of fuel, therefore the more protein you eat the more energy you use to break it down. Proteins job is to rebuild, recover and regenerate tissue and if not used or needed will be passed as waste in urine, so it does not store. Get your protein levels sky high.

2 – Add VIRGIN coconut oil to your diet

Although pretty much pure fat, VIRGIN coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid, this is special as it is used immediately by the body as a fuel source which is untypical of other forms of fat. This means that whilst the body will break it down and use it for energy, your body will remain in this fat burning state for a little while after, a little bit like cooking food in an oven, once the food is removed the oven stays warm for a short time after. So, eating this type of fat actually encourages fat burning.

*be aware if you are consuming more fat than your daily allowance it will not do you any favours to go over this by using this product as it is still high in calories ( 9 calories per gram). But by replacing other fat sources with this one inside your daily allowance you will have success.

3 – Caffeine up

The caffeine in coffee as many are already aware is a stimulant and will provide the body with energy leading to more activity and as a by product you will burn more calories. Caffeine also boosts metabolic rate, which means you will increase the rate at which you will use fat as fuel. Lets not forget that although packed with caffeine the beautiful caramel mochas with cream and sprinkles at certain high street coffee shops are sky high in calories and sugar, so keep it to a simple coffee with minimum/no sugar, and leave those cookies in the cookie jar!

4 – Cycle your carbs

So you’ve been doing everything right and your body fats dropped but your results are slowing down.
Introduce carb cycling. This is when you take the amount of carbs your allowed per week for your goal and rather than split them equally per day, you have high days and low days. Due to the irregular pattern of fuel, the body will up its metabolic rate (ability to create energy from fuel). As a starting point you can try the following,

-If you train a couple of times per week eat high carbs on these days and low on the others.
-If you train a fair amount try two days low carbs one day high,

I have had success with both.

5 – Avoid alcohol

I know its not what most people want to hear but if you want to burn body fat at home, you need to cut it out. Alcohol prohibits fat loss by the effects it has on the hormonal system, technically alcohol has 7 calories per gram of “empty” calories (no nutritional value) apparently once processed it is more like 5 calories but this is still second only to fat. Alcohol is usually served with sugary mixer and various cocktails contain up to 2 table spoons of sugar added to them. For those that don’t know unused sugar is stored as fat. So this very counter productive to your goal.
As we all know all to well alcohol inhibits our decision making leaving us vulnerable to a 3am kebab wrap which will take days of hard work and juggling macros to sort out. So verdict is steer clear.

If you’ve got any questions or comments please jump in below and give me a shout. I love reading what you guys think and enjoy getting involved and helping you out.

Burn body fat at home and keep up the Grind guys,

Coach Chris McClarence

contact me here



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