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1st Class is FREE

3 Classes a week

Only £6 Per Class


Our bootcamp style class is called ‘SHRED’. It is the most extreme boot camp class in Newcastle which is aimed at shredding fat, strength and conditioning and increasing overall fitness.

The strength and conditioning classes at Grind Hard Fitness are far from your average ‘dance around in the park’ type bootcamp in Newcastle! They are low in numbers to ensure quality instruction and top performance. Classes are intense and specific to the purpose of the class. Top tuition is a priority and each class has structure.


0191 500 9669

Unit H Blenheim Place

Dunston Industrial Estate


NE11 9HF


Monday 6:30
Wednesday 6:30
Friday 6:30

*all classes are 1 hour



We’re only 2 minutes from the Metro Centre


Monday Bootcamp 6:30am

1 hour class focused conditioning methods for fat loss

Wednesday Bootcamp 6:30am

1 hour class focused conditioning methods for fat loss

Friday Bootcamp 6:30am

1 hour class focused conditioning methods for fat loss


BOOTCAMP / SHRED CLASSES – There are many different classes to suit all needs whether your trying to enhance your fight training, burn stored body fat, increase strength, power, endurance or increase muscle mass there is a class for you. All classes will skyrocket your fitness and improve your body image and how you want to do that is up to you, your results come first, not our convenience, like many other bootcamps!

Also, if you have a child or young person with energy to expend, why not check out our selection of kids classes. Children are the athletes of the future, and Grind Hard Fitness is always looking to develop the youth of the North East and has a strong passion to channel fresh energy and emotions into success. Again these are not just a kids bootcamp, but so much more than that.

This is a class programmed to shed as much stored body fat as possible whilst increasing/ protecting lean muscle tissue.

Many people get into training because their aim is to improve their physical appearance and improve their health. This class will spike metabolism and leave you in oxygen debt. This means that the body will process fuel at a higher rate and after the session the body will be fighting to recover its systems for hours as you press on with your day. This leads to the body burning a serious amount of calories hours after your work is done.

This, combined with a sound nutrition plan will lead to RESULTS…FAST!! And not only in your physique, but in your physical output too. These sessions use proven strength and conditioning methods with a coaches eye on performance (to ensure good movement patterns) at all times and much motivation to keep you grinding hard to change your physique in record time.

For an attendee newer to training expect a much improved body image, increased strength and endurance and a new outlook to training. For the guys and girls already involved in training expect sharper lines in the body, a much improved gas tank and plenty of new fire power to apply to your sport or training sessions.

Come and get shredded at Grind Hard Fitness

STRONG – Strong is an opportunity to play with less orthodox training equipment, methods and the big gym toys.

The class has a strong technical element to it to improve the competency for competitors and as many people have not been exposed to strongman/woman events, it’s a chance to learn safe and effective form. But just because there is focus on technique that is defiantly not to say there won’t be some serious effort being put in.

The aim of the class is to get attendees proficient with the equipment and progress strength and endurance with these particular training tools and build from there. The nature of strongman training is lifting, moving or resisting heavy and awkward objects which is why technique is pushed as hard as effort.
Conditioning is a bit part of this too as any competitor knows too well, but it is very different to the endurance most people associate with sport and fitness and it takes a strong mind not just a strong body as the nervous system will be taxed substantially.

Anyone is welcome to come and join in this class as there is equipment for most levels, but a base of strength under the Grind Hard Fitness system will set you in good stead, so if newer to training maybe don’t make this your first class.

POWER – Grind Hard power class primarily accommodates the three power lifts and their variations – Bench press, Dead lift and Squat.

These movements are a proven solid foundation for strength. These movements are known as compound lifts, meaning they use multiple joints and muscles to perform. They are the most bang for your buck exercises and are regularly classed as the basic lifts. When performed correctly these movements and the specialised adaptions will build raw strength and power. The class will accommodate for other muscle groups to make sure no imbalances are created.

Any level of training can attend this class. Your experience of training with these lifts will determine which program you are placed on. So, wether your here to break records, build a stronger foundation to apply to your sport, or your just looking to learn competency in the main lifts this class is for you.
Progression is ensured for every level of athlete.

ATHLETE – Ever wondered how athletes train?

Many people go to the gym and train, they switch there workouts ups up, try the new thing that they saw in this months fitness magazine but something is still missing, its just not really enough.

This is where Grind Hard Fitness steps up with a class to offer performance based training. This training is geared to make you faster, stronger ,more explosive and sharper. It suites anyone that is active and mobile and looks to develop the components of an athlete. Developing this type athleticism will transfer over to any sport, simply going to the gym and rapping out weights on a body building type programme will not have a huge impact on your sporting performance, in many cases it could well hinder it. But with this class, you will be guided through sessions to build your strength and speed and teach you to use it in a functional way that is relevant to you or your sport.

Want coaching to be faster, stronger, more explosive and sharper…. Athlete class is for you.

THE GRIND – Get your game face on and let me hear your war cry!!!

This session is to accommodate those that mean business. Exercises selection may be of higher skill level, and there is a certain athletic base line requirement to take part. This process ensures that sessions are kept at a high standard, wether its heavier lifting, more advanced kit or a solid workout pace, this class is all out war!

This class suites those that need to be tested. It suites those working towards events, competition and those pursuing high levels of athleticism. This class does not contain a lot of coaching, it is expected that participants are efficient in most areas and is designed to push those limits to a new level of performance using many areas of strength and conditions, athletic movement and general fitness training.

Can you beat the Grind? Only one way to find out!

RECOVERY – Very few coaches place enough emphasis on an athletes recovery. Usually, the reason is that their time with the athlete is limited and a certain amount of developmental workload must be achieved in session. Likewise, as an athlete or competitor its hard enough getting all of your quality training sessions complete, especially if your working full time too.

Recovery is one of the most important elements of training.


So this class has been put in the Grind Hard Fitness time table to provide clients and athletes structured time to work on common and specific issues to make the body more efficient. It is a coached session to educate and guide members through rehabilitation and drills to increase range of motion, flexibility, activation, breathing patterns and injury recover/prevention.

Having a high level coach analyse your movement pattern can help you gain body awareness and understand how to improve your weakness’s inside and outside of the gym.

Everyone is encouraged to attend this class as it will increase your functionality, boost body awareness, and aid the recovery process from your training load and help maintain an injury free body leaving you ready to get back to the Grind harder,faster and stronger!

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