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Hydration is an important part of health and athletic performance. How hydrated you are, also has an impact on your metabolism. For top results, check out this quick advise.
The daily recommended guideline is that a human body should consume 2 litres of water per day. Things such as exercise and climate need to be taken in to consideration because the body will be in a deficit of fluid trying to adapt to the external circumstances.

Exercise and the increase of temperature, increase the demand for fluids. Therefore, for every session of training you take part in, you must take in additional water. It is recommended that for every hour of vigorous exercise you should consume an extra 500ml of water.

Generally, as a rule drink before, during and after your workout. Water is ideal but drinks which are isotonic will work better as they are the same level of concentration as the body and are easily absorbed. (isotonic drinks are not a replacement for water other than during sport performance, as they are high in sugar and cause an insulin spike which is not helpful for fat loss)

Many people fall into the trap of thinking that drinking any fluid will hydrate them. The body requires water to regulate pretty much everything, it is the highest priority for the human body. Without water you would not last a week. The organs, tissue and chemical systems within the body NEED water. If there is not a sufficient amount of fluid they will be very conservative with your body and treat it as an emergency, thus creating physical stress cialis in usa. Anyone reading my articles regularly should be well aware that stress causes ….. Fat storage. So take a quick note of some fluids to be aware of when it comes to dehydration.

Fluids which cause dehydration 

Coffee, Tea –

Ok this causes a fair bit of debate so heres the grind hard two pence worth. Caffeine is a diuretic and encourages the body to pass water, which leaves us in a greater state of dehydration. Caffeine certainly has its uses, and a coffee in the morning and at lunch is a fine amount to consume for a healthy person, infant it can even aid fat loss. But, its worth baring in mind that as a consequence you will pass more water and will need to replace that. ** As a little side note – Drinking a “cuppa,” tends to bring about a little need for a biscuit, so for those struggling to keep their sugar down to get leaner, try not to be tempted.

Fizzy pop –

Please do not fall victim to this. Fizzy pop can not hydrate you. Many fizzy drinks are packed with chemicals and additives which actually increase the craving of that pop. That is why when you are in a hot climate on holiday you find yourself guzzling down litres of pop. You are dehydrated and although the pop tastes like liquid gold, your thirst is not being quenched, you are just pleasing your body with an insulin spike created by the high sugar content or more evil additives in the case of “Diet” or “zero” pop.

Alcohol –

Here we go! Sorry guys but yep it’s alcohol creating chaos again. Alcohol effects the hormone which helps reabsorb water, and in a negative way. This causes us to lose fluid by urination. With alcohol in the system you can not hydrate yourself properly. ** For new readers to my articles its effects on the hormone system and metabolism in regard to fat loss is the opposite – We are not able to burn body fat with alcohol in the body.

Health to one side for a second as this stands out the most to me.


Athletic and sports performance can drop by as much as 10% if your hydration level drops by as little as 2% under your body’s requirement!!!

This is a very significant amount especially to a competing athlete. Being dehydrated negatively effects the body as it can’t efficiently get rid of waste in the muscles or be as effective at creating energy within the cells. This is due to chemical reactions being delayed and slowing down the transportation process. So, to hit those numbers, trade punches, score goals and smash track times it is vital that everyone is well hydrated during training, because at GRIND HARD FITNESS, WERE ALL ABOUT RESULTS!!!!

Symptoms of dehydration – stay aware

  • ? Dizziness
  • ? Dry mouth
  • ? Headaches ** Most head aches are due to dehydration!
  • ? Thirst
  • ? Dark urine
  • ? (Dangerous) significant increase in body temp
  • ? (Dangerous) cramps and tingling of the limbs

Prevent dehydration by following these points
1. Drink 2 litres per day of water
2. For every hour of exercise have 500ml of water or isotonic sports drink
3. Drink before, during and after exercise (can replace with an isotonic)
4. Drink on waking, and before bed, the body is dehydrated slightly after sleeping so this helps prevent this.

Although we haven’t seen to much sun so far this summer, you are now prepared incase we are lucky. Keep the performance at a high, and get max results by staying hydrated dudes.

Go smash it,

Keep up the Grind guys,


Coach Chris McClarence

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