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Beware 5 Junk Foods that are heavily disguised

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Don’t become victim to manipulated Marketing! Check out these cheeky junk foods and why they’re not what they seem.


These 5 Foods are causing many of my clients issues, I would like to share them and explain why, because the companies selling them sure won’t ???? These foods are marketed as low fat, fibrous, healthy or portray the fact that athletes use them. Giving a great image of health. I’m not saying these foods don’t provide good nutrients to the body as some of them do, but my concern is that they are packed with sugar and anyone who reads my articles will know this is a main cause of increased stored body fat for several reasons. (for more info on this subject check out my other blog posts) So here they are guys, leave them out of your shopping basket or account for them in your macros and treat them as a cheat snack or drink.


1 – Fruit juice

Fruit juice is more or less liquid sugar regardless where the sugar is sourced from (e.g. Organic, natural sugar cane) it has the same effect on the body as any other sugar source which will boost insulin levels and lead to a crash. Fruit juice does provide the body with decent nutrients from the fruit used but at a huge cost which isn’t worth it.

Advice – Put a slice of lemon and lime in ice cold water to provide flavour, a cucumber slice can do the same.


2 – Smoothies

Same situation as the fruit juice great nutrient range for the body but for those who want to improve body composition (muscle in relation to fat i.e. Toned) need to be using the sugar they eat as fuel otherwise it will end up as stored body fat.

Advice – replace some of the fruit in smoothies with veg. kale and spinach work well with kiwi in a smoothie, consumed near an end of day workout it could be just the little boost you need to power through.


3 – Low fat yogurt

Low in fat, amazing in taste and sky high in … guessed it ….Sugar! Noticing a pattern yet?? Dairy products are a funny one any way and I tend to avoid them when trying to shred body fat as they have a tendency to make it difficult to hit your macros. This is not to say dairy products should not be consumed but they’re defiantly worth double checking the nutritional value before eating. See someone eating Low fat yogurt poured over fruit and think wow they must be healthy…… wrong! Instead think they are providing lots of nutrients to their body but have probably just consumed their entire sugar allowance for that day.

Advice – Avoid dairy when trying to cut fat. Fancy a desert, try a protein pancake


4 – Lucozade

Olympic athletes on sprint tracks, national rugby and football teams downing them on the side lines, swimmers gliding through water like dolphins, these are all the kind of images that market probably the biggest brand in sports drink. Used properly and timed well Lucozade sport and other similar products can be a fantastic asset but it is important to know when to use the product. Lucozade is high in electrolytes and salts to replace that which is lost during sports performance and gives a boost in glycogen to help peak during training. Using a couple of bottles per day for the sake of drinking what an athlete drinks without training is counter productive as you will over indulge in sodium causing retention of water and cause erratic spikes in glucoses leading to sugar cravings later on in the day.

Advice – Used correctly isotonic drinks like Lucozade sport can be a great asset, so do your home work surrounding workout nutrition.

*note – water with a drop of dilatable juice and a pinch of salt and sugar makes a quick and cheap isotonic drink (poor mans Lucozade)


5 – Diet, Zero and whatever else they call Healthy fizzy pop

So no calories, little to no sugar and tastes pretty good…. We’ve been saved, what a great product!!

STOP IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most of these drinks have NO recognisable ingredients, this is immediately a warning sign that this is a mixed up chemical concoction. They are sky high in artificial chemicals that the body struggles to break down as a defence the body increases its fat sores to protect the organs from strange chemicals. Drinks that don’t contain sugar and have sweetner instead effect the hormones which regulate appetite. This which is also mixed with the fact although you have not consumed sugar your body will still react with a huge spike in insulin. When insulin drops back down it will cause cravings for sugar cialis generika england. In the case of diet coke your body will crave more diet coke due to the mix of chemical Aspartamine and caffine which is addictive. These drinks will never quench your thirst and will only leave you dehydrated. Also Diet pop drinkers… notice you feel bloated a lot? Yep this is most likely the cause.

Advice –  AVOID!!! If you are a diet fizzy pop addict, try and cut down and wean yourself off it. Replacing with water probably wont be enough for most people although this of course is the best option. Try and switch between Dilatable juice and maybe a coffee or 2 per day to begin with this will aid flavour and make it a bit more sustainable and the coffee will help to decrease the amount of caffeine slowly to a productive amount and should help stop the “cold turkey” feeling.


Hope this was useful guys, apply the advice and help improve gains.


Keep up the Grind guys,


Coach Chris McClarence

contact me here



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