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Avoid saggy skin from weight loss

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Can you avoid or counter act the saggy skin dilemma from weight loss? This is a question i am asked to often. My answer – Yes! Please read on.

Ok, lets get to grips with whats going on here.

Anyone who follows my post should already know the difference between weight loss and how it differs from that of stored body fat loss. If you are not familiar with this please check out my other blog posts as this will greatly improve your understanding of what i am about to explain.

It is very possible decrease body size and weight without losing an enormous amount of fat. A good example of this is an athlete who needs to be in a certain weight category manipulating there water content and hydration levels temporarily to lose “weight.” Like wise should you end up on a deserted island you will for sure lose weight, look gaunt, lose muscle size and be incredibly dehydrated, look dry and be lighter on the scales.


Q- But how much of this Weight is stored body fat?

A- No where near as much as most people think!!!


Through severe dieting, starvation, huge amounts of exercise and stress, the human body can lose weight (NOT FAT!!!) rapidly, in the initial stages cialis 5mg preise. People might think great i’ll still lose size and look smaller, these people are the people who tend to run into saggy skin issues.

Due to a rapid loss in body mass, the skin has adapted and expanded to fit a bigger body due to years of the body being mistreated for what ever reason or a byproduct of pregnancy or illness. It will not just shrink straight back. The skin is a living organ with plenty elasticity and will adapt to internal circumstances inside the body. Many people assume that they are stuck this way and look immediately to surgical options or suffer in their self conscious body. Do not be one of these people.

The best way to avoid this is don’t try and lose weight, try and lose stored body fat, then this should not even become an issue for most. Unsure on how to go about this, check out many of my previous articles or contact me directly for coaching and nutrition planning opportunities.

For those already suffering from saggy skin do an assessment of yourself. Many people think they have saggy skin, when really they are areas of stubborn fat (lower abdomen, hips, back of the arms tend to be common spots). In the areas where your skin is saggy take your thumb and fore fingers and pinch it. If it is more than a few millimetres thick, you can feel little lumpy bits when you squeeze, or you can roll it in your fingers…… you have body fat stored under your skin. This maybe a lot looser than it used to be when you were a bigger size but it is still there, and because of that the skin has no reason to tighten back up. YOU GOTTA LOSE THE FAT!!! But the fact that its there shows all is not lost, you still have a chance to improve your situation until it completely goes away or improves significantly.

Ways to improve the situation……

  • Weight training – This increases the bodys metabolism (ability to use fat as an energy source) and will increase the size and strength of muscle tissue over time, creating a more toned and shapely look.
  • Eat LOTS of protein – Protein takes 20% more effort for the body to break down than carbs. so you are using more energy just by eating it. Eating a lot of protein teaches the body to use fat as a fuel. Proteins job is to build, regenerate and repair tissue. Therefore in simple terms if your muscles are always being fed your body will look elsewhere for fuel, yep you guessed it… stored fat cells.
  • Eat good fats – Eating good fats actually encourages the body to burn more stored fat. Good fats are very fast energy, virgin coconut oil and organic nut butters are a good example of this. So they are used quickly as fuel by your body, but once gone, the body will be encouraged to keep using fat as an energy source.
  • Keep cardio short and sharp – doing cardio for hours on end might make you tired, hot and sweaty and I’m not knocking it if its being used for the correct purpose……. But, if looking good and shedding that loose stored body fat is your goal, then you are going to be eating muscle tissue during long cardio sessions which is counter productive to your goal. Keep it in short bursts at a very high intensity, sprints are great to achieve this (please check your running form especially if sprinting on flat ground) try and keep rest in-between sets to 90 seconds if possible.
  • Eat a range of veg – This means you will get a larger range of nutrients which in turn improves skin health and quality.
  • Keep sugar low – Sugar is a menace when i comes to losing stored body fat. Avoid by keeping carbs brown and from a wholemeal source.
  • Use a vitamin C cream/gel – Vitamin C benefits the collagen in skin helping to gain back some elasticity.
  • DO NOT under eat – Over eating is an obvious no no, but under eating causes just as big a problem, literally. Significantly under eating WILL make the body store fat cells as a defence mechanism because it will into survival mode. Fat is the most efficient form of fuel by a long shot and under eating will make your body hang on to it like your life is dependant upon it.

Hope the advise helps guys and girls,


A new outdoor class POWER SHRED is on its way, which aim’s to torch as much stored body fat as possible without eating your hard earned muscle tissue as fuel. It will also focus on getting faster, fitter and more powerful. This really is an all in one class. If you are reading this article for your own benefit i strongly suggest this class, it will fast track you to your goal especially if combined with the nutritional advice above.


Keep up the Grind guys,


Coach Chris McClarence

contact me here



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