Gain up to 10% performance by being properly hydrated!

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Hydration is an important part of health and athletic performance. How hydrated you are, also has an impact on your metabolism. For top results, check out this quick advise. The daily recommended guideline is that a human body should consume 2 litres of water per day. Things such as exercise and climate need to be taken in […]

The Must Know Truth – Weight loss VS Stored body fat loss

Comparison Fat vs Muscle in Pounds by Coach Chris McClarence

Losing weight, and the loss of stored body fat are VERY different!!! Find out why with Grind Hard Fitness Weight loss vs Stored body fat loss Many people are confused at the difference between weight loss and fat loss and how they are NOT the same thing. It is vital that anyone looking to alter their […]

Gain Lean muscle now – 5 Easy to follow nutrition tips to get lean

Muscle Workout Fitness Goal by Coach Chris Mcclarence

Top nutrition tips from Grind hard fitness coach Chris McClarence to assist you in getting lean and achieving your goals! Ok guys listen in,
 People often see fat loss as a massive chore, and believe that they must live a miserable restricted life in order to look lean and gain muscle tissue. So often i […]