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Young Athletes

to increase motor function and development in every area, making
them strong, fast, quick thinking and less likely to suffer injury.

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The reason for this is that personal trainer Chris McClarence has an extensive background. Not just in many different sports, competitions and the fitness industry. But he’s also worked with a massive variety of young people. Chris has worked in schools and youth centres. Secure units and care homes. Plus various other facilities around the North East of England. He prides himself on his success, with the ability to create a great rapport. Inspiring and supporting young people with challenging issues and behaviours. He has been on many specialised courses which aim to help young people stay safe, develop and achieve.

Engaging young people is a huge talent of Chris’ and he has done so for 10 years with great success. He believes the energy and creativity produced by young people can be used to propel them forward. Always aiming to create a feeling of confidence and self-pride, pushing the idea of a positive attitude always.

The Energy and emotions associated with negativity also have their place in sport and fitness. A lot of young people project negative emotions and behaviours as they lack an outlet for the energy they contain. Helping them to create the ability to control them, and redirect the energy into self-development is a major key to success in their life, which Chris encourages passionately. Teaching strength in being PRODUCTIVE not DESTRUCTIVE!


This is a very specialised class to get young athletes climbing quickly through the ranks of their chosen sport/s. It is far from a kids “bootcamp.” It builds a solid foundation of strength, speed, endurance, movement and all other elements of athleticism including education on how they can implement their training to suite their goals.

Young athlete group makes young people fit to function in all areas of fitness and sport and uses specified strength and conditioning methods and performance training techniques to increase motor function and development in every area, making them strong, fast, quick thinking and less likely to suffer injury.

Does a young person you know enjoy training, play sport or show serious potential? Get them submitted in to this program and see their performance and confidence sky rocket to new heights.

Age 11-16

Coach Chris McClarence
Youth Development Programme Coach Chris McClarence Grind Hard Fitness


Listen up parents!

Does your mini monster run rings around you? Do you struggle to find an outlet that will allow them to develop physically, mentally and emotionally as well as hold their attention? Well look no further, Grind Hard Fitness coach Chris McClarence has set up a class to help mini monsters let off some steam whilst challenging and educating them about the best way to develop themselves.

The class is structured to help children and young people become more functional in movement, strength and skill. This will result in them growing into a more efficient person and learning skills for life. It teaches their little bodies to become better at the things they like doing best.

Expect your mini monster to become, faster, healthier, better balanced, stronger, educated and above all else safer and more confident. Building a good foundation from an early age protects the body from injury and creates positive movement and posture for life, and any child wishing to pursue sporting activity will have a fantastic foundation to build on.

The class will include games, team work, balance, functional movement, play based exercise, nutrition and exercise knowledge. This results in practical motor skill development, improved communication skills, co-ordination and respect for themselves and others.


The Youth Development Programme at Grind Hard Fitness is a chance for young people to develop strength, health, fitness and skill. Our specialised areas are:

  • Muscle building
  • Fat burning
  • Body sculpting
  • Athletic performance
  • Strength training
  • Endurance development
  • Fight conditioning
  • Reality based combat
  • Flexibility and functional movement

We believe that functional strength and positive movement patterns should be the primary focus for young people in particular. If a young person is nurtured as a functional athlete they will wire their nervous system to have a positive movement pattern for LIFE! This reduces the chance of injury, therefore increasing the chance of success. From that point onwards, strength, endurance and skill can be manipulated to achieve whatever the young person would like to accomplish.

Coach Chris McClarence
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