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Quality Coaching

You’ll get good quick and look better faster whilst understanding why



This ensures quality coaching and solid structure to your class training experience. With this in place coaches can help control the class, cue your form and optimise your performance. This leads to more intense learning and a solid understanding of movement/loading/exercise execution.

In layman terms .. You’ll get good quick and look better faster whilst understanding why


Shred is the most frequent class on the timetable at Grind Hard. Shred focuses on using different energy systems to build conditioning in every form. The class incorporates muscular endurance, stamina, functional movement patterns, interval training, HIIT methods and many more.

It is a great way to to burn energy, this, coupled with good nutrition you’re gonna be torching stored body fat and well on the way to a lean ass body.

The good thing about this class is there is no complex movements, so you don’t need to be an expert lifter to join in. This, in turn, prevents injury and allows you to stay focused on effort as the technical aspect is low. Be aware, just because the technical effort is low, that doesn’t mean its easy.

Remember, nothing worth having comes easy!!

Get booked in and get your shred on

Coach Chris McClarence
Youth Development Programme Coach Chris McClarence Grind Hard Fitness


Being a Strength and Conditioning gym we have specialist strength equipment.

In this class you will coached through a group workout using this kit and doing strongman based events. Obviously, you do not have to be a strongman/strongwoman competitor to take part but you will get a solid workout and be taught all the technical elements as you train to master the kit and events.

The nature of the class is what it says on the tin…strength. Strongman based events tend to require a lot of functional and practical strength as the equipment can be awkward and obscure. For this reason it is not really practical for someone brand new to the weight room.

Once you have the technical aspect down you will enjoy/suffer head to head events, build your strength and power and go hell for leather in all out effort to get the full strongman/strongwoman experience.

Strong is for those that just want to learn more new kit and events and challenge themselves all the way up to competing in some of the biggest competitions.

We’ve taken other people there… Why not you!!


Power, speed, agility, explosiveness … All theses things come to mind when someone describes someone as an athlete.

Well this class caters for just that. It has a fairly high technical emphasis so not too well suited to beginners with no sports background.

This class will really get you the perfect execution of general and sport specific drills. You will be taught everything from absorbing impact, maximising explosive output, speed strength, acceleration, agility and everything else needed to control your body and give serious output in many different ways.

This class is not just about being strong, fast and powerful but also fine tuning the body to apply it and adapt it in numerous and changing circumstances.

No where else to our knowledge is offering such a bespoke class like our athlete class.

This is next level and you will be too

Coach Chris McClarence
Youth Development Programme Coach Chris McClarence Grind Hard Fitness


Ever wonder how big time fighters train?

Want to experience there training methods and be put through your paces?

Then welcome to Grind Hards FIGHT class.

We are experienced at running fighters through fight camp and although that’s an individual thing depending on the athlete, we always have a structure and protocols. Fight class is a chance to training using these methods. We use varying plyometric, explosive, power, strength, endurance and energy systems mixed together in our unique structure to develop everything related to fighting.

Fighting requires many, if not every element of fitness which is why combat sports gain such respect. For that reason this is a great way to kill many birds with one stone. Its certainly not a basic class but due to the coaching and the capped numbers it can be adapted easily and without detriment to your session. Probably not a great idea if you are completely unfamiliar with being in the gym but absolutely ideal for people who are from a trained background.

Needless to say that if you are a fighter, adding this one class per week will be a huge game changer, you will be tearing through rounds, recovering a lot faster, strengthening weak areas and rehabbing/prehabbing all the areas which fighters commonly pick up niggles and issues. When it comes to fight time, you’ll rest a lot better after sparring and technical drills knowing your gas tank and injuries aren’t an issue.

Train like a fighter, or get to the next level in your fight career by getting booked in to this all in one fire power class.

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