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Grind Hard Fitness offers the whole package when it comes
to fitness in the North East.

Coach Chris McClarence

Coach Chris

I’m Coach Chris McClarence, the owner and head coach at Grind Hard Fitness. I consider myself an extremely diverse athlete with experience covering a wide range of skills, sports and aspects of fitness and performance. Having personally competed in several different areas and took part and prepared for many different events, competitions and scenarios in performance, combat and physique.

I feel strongly that every coach should practice what they preach. A coach may not compete in the exact same field as a client but should be able to understand the demands which are going to be placed on a client or athlete whilst they strive for their version of greatness. I make it my business to constantly research. I improve my knowledge and experiences, first hand as much as possible. This creates a greater empathy with clients and athletes and increases my coaching ability constantly.

I am often found on courses, at seminars, competitions and expos up and down the country, taking in information as well as sharing my own. I also train with many of the top ranked competitors on a national and international level, in several areas.

Being Proficient

Being Proficient in many areas makes me an incredibly adaptable coach. I’m able to work with anyone and everyone, no matter their level of experience. With athletes I address the finer points and creatively adapt fitness programs to aid them, boost performance over all and in specific areas. With beginners the emphasis is put on boosting performance and improving physique as fast and efficiently as possible. This creates a lean strong body and a great new level of athletic ability.

Having a great athletic base is the key to my success as an athlete and coach. I train several disciplines and constantly challenge my mind, body and skill in new ways. I walk around never more than several weeks away from preparing for pretty much anything. This feels really good and is a confidence I not only get to feel but get to see grow through all of my clients as week by week they smash targets and become more skilled. They start moving better, faster, stronger and are in a body they’re proud of.

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Instilled Mentality

My mentality is something that becomes instilled in everything my clients doing during training. Precision, control and purpose are the height of importance. When I train it is never half hearted! That’s not saying that I am going berserk every single session. Although when I do, you better believe I do.

I am also very purposeful with my time. Too many people wander around the gym having a go on this and that or doing what their friends are doing. When I train or attend a session I am there for me. To improve myself in a particular area and that will be the focus. This sounds very serious but is not always the case, it depends what I am training. For example sometimes learning to fight is more productive through purposeful play. To intensely burn serious stored body fat I might work for only 15 minutes but I will be screaming with aggression. Maybe to increase flexibility I must become deeply focus and undistracted listening to my body under strict discipline.

This is the Grind Hard Fitness way! These examples are not typical of most people’s experience with these aspects of fitness but they will be what I require to improve at the time. As a coach, I ensure the client or athlete understands the purpose of every session so they can use mind muscle connection to dictate a higher level of skill, function and fast track results.

Extensive Background

I have an extensive background working with young people with all kinds of issues and possess a great amount of understanding and exceptional communication skills. I am proud to say I have helped many young people change their lives around. Empowering them to make better choices by obtaining skill and confidence a lot of the time through sport and exercise. A youth development programme is in place to set young people up with the tools to build a better, stronger, outlook and mind set. See the Youth Development programme by clicking here.

Nearly all my hobbies and pastimes are based around fitness, outdoor activities and extreme sports. This translates very well in to the gym environment.

Mental Discipline

Mental discipline really gets results! Mental discipline is something I feel very strongly about and aim to instill this into everyone I work with. Where some people need firmness, some people need a kind voice. When some people need help to get pumped up, others need to be reined back in. As an experienced coach I feel I read this well and will provide the best environment for development.

Grind Hard Fitness offers the whole package when it comes to fitness in the North East.


– Coach Chris McClarence

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